SCORE Objectives

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" SCORE is based on the concept of a responsible approach to marine stock enhancement, comprised of several key components considered essential to control and optimize the effects of hatchery releases (Blankenship & Leber, 1995; Lorenzen, Leber & Blankenship, 2010). "

Our Mission

The Science Consortium for Ocean Replenishment (SCORE) is dedicated to the development and wise use of responsible and effective marine stock enhancement, restocking and sea ranching technologies.

Our Objectives

SCORE has four principal objectives:

  1. increase scientific knowledge underscoring fundamental principles inherent in stock enhancement,
  2. nurture and refine a responsible approach to marine stock enhancement,
  3. develop clear examples of responsible, effective, environmentally and economically sound marine stock-enhancement technology for our nation and work with stakeholders to help implement projects that can demonstrate the effectiveness of SCORE technology,
  4. foster increased awareness, understanding and endorsement of a responsible approach to marine fisheries enhancement among stakeholders -- fishermen, policy makers, agencies, fishery managers, hatchery managers, scientists, conservation groups, legislators, lay public and the media.