SCORE Researchers

We are an interdisciplinary team of scientists and engineers with expertise in fisheries science, fisheries management, stock enhancement, genetics, nutrition, pathology, aquatic ecology, population dynamics, biometrics, animal behavior, parasitology, reproductive physiology, hatchery technology, husbandry systems, marine aquaculture engineering, biofiltration, fish tagging, fisheries economics, and recreational and commercial fishing.

Luiz Barbieri, fish population dynamics, fisheries management, fish reproductive biology

Barry Berejikian, behavioral ecology, conservation hatcheries, behavioral conditioning

Lee Blankenship, hatchery reform, fish genetics, tag engineering, fisheries management

Reg Blaylock, parasitology, fish health, marine biology

Nathan Brennan, marine ecology, fish tagging, biometrics, marine fish culture

Mark Drawbridge, marine aquaculture, fisheries ecology, marine ecology

Elizabeth Fairchild, fish behavior, marine fish culture, marine biology

Kristen Gruenthal, genetics, fish culture

Ron Hardy, fish nutrition, fish culture

Bill Hawkins, aquatic pathobiology, diseases of aquatic organisms, marine aquaculture

Hunt Howell, marine ecology, animal behavior, marine fish culture

Don Kent, marine aquaculture, fisheries ecology, marine mammal & fisheries interactions

Ken Leber, fisheries ecology, hatchery reform, marine ecology, marine aquaculture

Kai Lorenzen, fisheries science, population biology, resource management, aquaculture

Conrad Mahnken, hatchery reform, fisheries science, oceanography, marine aquaculture

Kevan Main, recirculating systems, marine fish culture, behavioral ecology, coral culture

Carole Neidig, hydroacoustic tags, angler participation programs, marine fish culture

Michael Nystrom, recirculating systems, marine fish culture

Michael Rust, marine fish culture, nutrition, process engineering, risk assessment

Michael Tringali, genetics, genetic stocking policy, biometrics, genetic stock identification

Terry Wright, tribe stock enhancement liaison, fish tagging

Chris Young, marine aquaculture, hatchery management