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Mote Marine Laboratory (MML) is engaged in research to develop a responsible and effective marine stock enhancement technology (1) to help restore depleted populations in the sea, (2) to augment fishery yields in recruitment-limited fisheries, and (3) to provide a tool for advancing basic knowledge about wild stocks.

Mote Marine Laboratory's Role in SCORE

SCORE Researchers at Mote are working in partnership with Florida's Fish and Wildlife Research Institute (1) to evaluate the potential of marine stock enhancement and (2) to develop and test a prototype for marine stock enhancement in Florida. This work is focused initially on two target species, common snook and red drum. These are two of the most valuable species in Florida's saltwater sportfish industry, which contributes $5 billion annually to Florida's economy. The SCORE team in Florida is applying a responsible approach to evaluate the economic effectiveness and population-scale effects of using stock enhancement to help maintain these valuable fisheries. The results of this research collaboration have been the impetus for an expanded Florida Marine Fisheries Enhancement Initiative, led by the Wildlife Foundation of Florida, under the supervision of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC).

Mote scientists co-founded SCORE in 2001. The headquarters office for SCORE is located at Mote Marine Lab.

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