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SCORE Research & Development Tools

This is a brief list of the tools that have been most helpful in our work for incorporating the 10 points outlined in Blankenship and Leber's (1995) responsible approach. For references of literature cited below, see footnotes.

Key Articles (click here)

Species selection for stock enhancement

  • facilitated workshop with stakeholders to identify and rank species-selection criteria
  • stock assessment results used to identify trends in abundance and fishing mortality
  • poll of stakeholders to generate species pool
  • meetings with stakeholders and experts to grade species on each selection criterion
  • spreadsheet to compile results
  • use of EnhanceFish decision support tool for quantitative assessment of enhancement potential
  • facilitated workshop to present results and seek concensus among stakeholders
  • see Leber (1994), Lorenzen (2006), Pruder et al. (1999)

Integrating stock enhancement with fishery management plans

  • workshops with fishery managers and stakeholders to examine stock-enhancement potential
  • use of EnhanceFish decision support tool for quantitative assessment of enhancement potential
  • involvement of fishery managers and stock assessment scientists in the planning process
  • see Lorenzen (1995, 2008) and Medley and Lorenzen (2006)

Defining measures of success

  • list of stakeholder and agency expectations from stocking
  • use of EnhanceFish decision support tool for quantitative assessment of enhancement potential
  • quantitative estimate of stocking effect on stock abundance and fishery landings
  • field assessment of stocking effect on stock abundance and fishery
  • economic evaluation of stocking effect on fishery and industry economic output
  • understanding of tradeoffs involved in stocking programs
  • see Lorenzen (2008), Walters and Martell (2004)

Genetic resource management

  • Microsatellite DNA and Bayesian approach for tracking hatchery releases
  • See Tringali (2006), Tringali et al. (2007), Tringali and Leber (1999)

Fish Production, disease and health management

  • fish health checks by certified veterinarians during the rearing process and prior to release

Behavioral, biological & ecological considerations

Identifying stocked organisms & evaluating stocking effect

empirical process for defining optimal release strategies

economic & policy guidelines & stakeholder outreach

Adaptive-management process to control stocking effectiveness

Selected recommended key initial readings

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