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University of New Hampshire scientists are laying the foundation for a sustainable stock enhancement program to help recover New England's declining winter flounder fishery. UNH scientists are dedicated to the development of responsible, effective marine stock enhancement and to exploring its potential as a fisheries management tool in the Gulf of Maine.

University of New Hampshire's Role in SCORE

SCORE research at the University of New Hampshire Department of Biological Sciences focuses on winter flounder, a species that is both commercially and recreationally important throughout New England but has suffered drastic population loss. Our approach is to develop the process needed to successfully enhance winter flounder and accelerate recovery of the fishery by increasing spawning stock biomass. To do this, we conduct both laboratory and field experiments to answer key questions about stock enhancement. The main goals are (1) to produce the best possible fish for grow out or release, (2) to determine the best way to release these fish (i.e. define optimal release strategies), and (3) to monitor the effects and effectiveness of hatchery releases to ensure there are no negative environmental effects from stocking and that stocking is helping achieve fishery management goals. Results of this research program will allow us to demonstrate commercial scale aquaculture production techniques for this species, test the feasibility of stocking marine fish, provide information about essential fish habitat, and lead to the development of a new and powerful fisheries management tool.

UNH scientists co-founded SCORE in 2001.

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