Opportunities in Aquaculture-Based Ocean Replenishment

Reform Enhancement Programs to Increase Cases of Clear Success

Marine fisheries enhancements can be transformed for success. The enabling factors for increasing the number of examples of successful cases include:

1. Greater Stakeholder Awareness of the Issues, Pitfalls, Progress and Opportunities

Bringing stakeholders into the planning phase of enhancements builds their understanding and support of...

2. Use of Adaptive Management

3. Adapt the Responsible Approach to Local Circumstances

4. Seek Assistance from Leaders of Successful Programs

Actually -- don't develop this here -- rather, Add a Responsible Approach section to ISSUES

Replenish depleted stocks (Restocking)

Augment recruitment limited stocks (Stock Enhancement)

Establish "put-grow-and-take" fisheries (Sea Ranching)

Investigate ecological hypotheses and life-history traits (Experimental Stocking)

Conservation hatcheries

Educational opportunities

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